Tuesday, 4 January 2011


when i had only thought
about, it was all sliding OFF
the table, i blew it off,
but then i listened to
and read someone try
to take, and i bit
to keep it upright, i know some
one who had a miscarriage,
high blood pressure cause
an internal rupture,
when they listened, they heard
a heart beat and thought the
was alive, but it was the pressure making
the mother's heart beat as fast
as a three month,
it had already gone by then, she
had about a pint left inside her, the
rest had leaked, that's a true
i said that's an argument
against the nhs.  she sat
waiting and bled, someone
influential said, art, modern art
is about making pain beautiful,
not an artist, but someone
concerned with beauty,
about it, worried about it

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