Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I am performing tomorrow at Wigmore Hall at 5.30pm, in a piece made by our group of artists formed to make this piece, so we depend on it a little.  It is part of a structured plan of events, a wider programme that has taken place for some years, but everyone is a student almost or in a way, and some people will be given marks based on what happens tomorrow.  It was made on a quite serious feeling of us all wanting to work together and thinking of how we as people who had barely met, could do that really, at the same depth as we are used to.  And so it was forced together and then left to see what came out and we made small or careful shifts, but then because we had chosen each other we already knew we understood the work.  It has already been the first in a sequence, I mean Ground i and Ground ii have been performed as theatre, and Well (groundswell) is the next part.  This will appear in the programme tomorrow, please come if it interests you:

> A collaborative performance made for the Wigmore Hall. With text, voices
> and trombone. It lasts no longer than six minutes. Thank you for
> coming. The poem//dialogue =divisi &was exploratory, split
> sentence/phrase. So points of contact. It stutters. The music stutters
> as it tries: We heard the other artists& We found fragments. We position
> ourselves. choose our outfits carefully. It is not very hermetic.
> Because we are here now in
> front of you: so that you can hear and see us if you wish.

There will also be work including poetry by Ollie Evans, Becky Cremin and Edmund Hardy, and it was hosted by Carol Watts.

Those I am working with are Helgi Ingvarsson, Claire Candy and Matthew McGuigan; the trombonists are Carla Sabater and Jonny Goodwin.