Sunday, 3 October 2010

my heart pounds at certain transliterations
to see 'mine' taken in aerial assault
you stay on 'that' side of the tracks
please.  i eat sans serif for 'breakfast'
i tire, of it.  i'm trained in
so pronounce it
tegral, the beautiful,
so if, not differentiate.  please
integrate by learning the,
the new withdrawal into
sanskrit, eat
chinese spam

well this is an
odd sort of
connect -
hunger- to - feeding
memory to
a poem.
i hang silver lamé,
jukeboxes in
sets of ten,
plateaus usually are
i would have thought,
"" and

it tastes corrosive
blindspot, i can see
blindspot, how you mi-

did roland barthes,
in his book,
say something about,
"it can't be true" and
"it must be true"
being used so as to fine
tune a set of circumstances
like a clutch pedal,
blind spot.  so that
news is neither too good
nor too bad.  so facts
are rejected and made,
did he write that,
i can't bear to look
it up myself.