Saturday, 21 August 2010


hush peat push hours, fine rest chink found late
i, clothes miss buono trial heart, write fifty one
minutes feed, oh seven eight, oh...
i mean, trickle through drip into carne i want
to fade into censorship inappropriate content
i nailed this to the floor, DIRECT:

peace, pebble stillness of bathwater press

Thursday, 19 August 2010

a surah

12 seconds

[strikethrough Tues. 17th Aug. '10]

To Manchua you carr[y]ied me
Your footprints in the sand
My words in your voice
That stirred fresh life

Whose shadow brought me
To darker plains
that shield
From shuddering light

Once blinding had struck
Not friendly flame
But terrible sheets
That flashed their frozen eyes
Like clinging children

Warm corners of heat
Cleaned up and brightened
For static reflections shin[es]ing back
And echoes that catch on marble pillars
Like la ilaha ilallah

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

date modified: 23/03/2008 10.1KB [writtenforSophia]

Lois, you should see what the inside of your lungs 
look like.

written 05/08/10

since you've been
there and back
and there and
back that maybe
you'd remember
the feeling of
wanting to leave
or of not know
ing if you wanted
to leave
when you might have
still decided to stay
since you've been
there, maybe
you would want
to help, and not

two pebbles
stop me

Unitarian [written a fortnight or so ago]

 one crippled wheelchair
one malfunction

several dark stabs
mortality depends
on the angle

 sightlines.  i haven't
seen an iris for some weeks
they remind me of the
dressing first degree
i mean of your burn
when you burned that

a heart beats in a direction
if it moves it is towards
or away from (this is prose)
it needs to know where it
is going or it won't go

 you can cryogenically freeze a person
without them seeing you, you just follow
your better judgement when approaching

you can hold your breath twice as long if you want to

[written at least three weeks ago]

i got over the death cult,
drips splintered, bomb
disposal, i see past
wonder at such
structured attempts
to hurt
and how
you could
be so
wide of the mark
i watch you
argue with
my portrait
i put religion
in a box over
next to the,
it looks
go on
have my soul
for afters
photocopy it
leave it
out in the
i put this here
so that it isn't
waiting when
i look at you
pops out
you know

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

we now know
how it is,

thank you.