Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I am performing tomorrow at Wigmore Hall at 5.30pm, in a piece made by our group of artists formed to make this piece, so we depend on it a little.  It is part of a structured plan of events, a wider programme that has taken place for some years, but everyone is a student almost or in a way, and some people will be given marks based on what happens tomorrow.  It was made on a quite serious feeling of us all wanting to work together and thinking of how we as people who had barely met, could do that really, at the same depth as we are used to.  And so it was forced together and then left to see what came out and we made small or careful shifts, but then because we had chosen each other we already knew we understood the work.  It has already been the first in a sequence, I mean Ground i and Ground ii have been performed as theatre, and Well (groundswell) is the next part.  This will appear in the programme tomorrow, please come if it interests you:

> A collaborative performance made for the Wigmore Hall. With text, voices
> and trombone. It lasts no longer than six minutes. Thank you for
> coming. The poem//dialogue =divisi &was exploratory, split
> sentence/phrase. So points of contact. It stutters. The music stutters
> as it tries: We heard the other artists& We found fragments. We position
> ourselves. choose our outfits carefully. It is not very hermetic.
> Because we are here now in
> front of you: so that you can hear and see us if you wish.

There will also be work including poetry by Ollie Evans, Becky Cremin and Edmund Hardy, and it was hosted by Carol Watts.

Those I am working with are Helgi Ingvarsson, Claire Candy and Matthew McGuigan; the trombonists are Carla Sabater and Jonny Goodwin.

Friday, 14 January 2011

diary entry

yes, your brain looks
like it become reel /
gentile crisp, my rajput profile broke
staring at craters on the moon
(rewrite) i wonder where ease is

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


when i had only thought
about, it was all sliding OFF
the table, i blew it off,
but then i listened to
and read someone try
to take, and i bit
to keep it upright, i know some
one who had a miscarriage,
high blood pressure cause
an internal rupture,
when they listened, they heard
a heart beat and thought the
was alive, but it was the pressure making
the mother's heart beat as fast
as a three month,
it had already gone by then, she
had about a pint left inside her, the
rest had leaked, that's a true
i said that's an argument
against the nhs.  she sat
waiting and bled, someone
influential said, art, modern art
is about making pain beautiful,
not an artist, but someone
concerned with beauty,
about it, worried about it

Monday, 8 November 2010

Part I (half of)

smile kidney eye kidney,
no place left

the unexamined, shine out
violent chill.

literal beauty,

Monday, 11 October 2010


Friday, 8 October 2010

+ this, which is old, but I only listened to it recently, I don't think it embeds, so a link, esp. for lawyers, about an hour long, Elaine Scarry: Beauty and Social Justice
they would carry out experiments where they would replace an organ with concrete and see how it would affect the person, and see how the person would continue to live, by doing this they learned about the role of the removed organ

Sunday, 3 October 2010

my heart pounds at certain transliterations
to see 'mine' taken in aerial assault
you stay on 'that' side of the tracks
please.  i eat sans serif for 'breakfast'
i tire, of it.  i'm trained in
so pronounce it
tegral, the beautiful,
so if, not differentiate.  please
integrate by learning the,
the new withdrawal into
sanskrit, eat
chinese spam

well this is an
odd sort of
connect -
hunger- to - feeding
memory to
a poem.
i hang silver lamé,
jukeboxes in
sets of ten,
plateaus usually are
i would have thought,
"" and

it tastes corrosive
blindspot, i can see
blindspot, how you mi-

did roland barthes,
in his book,
say something about,
"it can't be true" and
"it must be true"
being used so as to fine
tune a set of circumstances
like a clutch pedal,
blind spot.  so that
news is neither too good
nor too bad.  so facts
are rejected and made,
did he write that,
i can't bear to look
it up myself.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Saturday, 21 August 2010


hush peat push hours, fine rest chink found late
i, clothes miss buono trial heart, write fifty one
minutes feed, oh seven eight, oh...
i mean, trickle through drip into carne i want
to fade into censorship inappropriate content
i nailed this to the floor, DIRECT:

peace, pebble stillness of bathwater press

Thursday, 19 August 2010

a surah


12 seconds

[strikethrough Tues. 17th Aug. '10]

To Manchua you carr[y]ied me
Your footprints in the sand
My words in your voice
That stirred fresh life

Whose shadow brought me
To darker plains
that shield
From shuddering light

Once blinding had struck
Not friendly flame
But terrible sheets
That flashed their frozen eyes
Like clinging children

Warm corners of heat
Cleaned up and brightened
For static reflections shin[es]ing back
And echoes that catch on marble pillars
Like la ilaha ilallah

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

date modified: 23/03/2008 10.1KB [writtenforSophia]

Lois, you should see what the inside of your lungs 
look like.

written 05/08/10

since you've been
there and back
and there and
back that maybe
you'd remember
the feeling of
wanting to leave
or of not know
ing if you wanted
to leave
when you might have
still decided to stay
since you've been
there, maybe
you would want
to help, and not

two pebbles
stop me

Unitarian [written a fortnight or so ago]

 one crippled wheelchair
one malfunction

several dark stabs
mortality depends
on the angle

 sightlines.  i haven't
seen an iris for some weeks
they remind me of the
dressing first degree
i mean of your burn
when you burned that

a heart beats in a direction
if it moves it is towards
or away from (this is prose)
it needs to know where it
is going or it won't go

 you can cryogenically freeze a person
without them seeing you, you just follow
your better judgement when approaching

you can hold your breath twice as long if you want to

[written at least three weeks ago]

i got over the death cult,
drips splintered, bomb
disposal, i see past
wonder at such
structured attempts
to hurt
and how
you could
be so
wide of the mark
i watch you
argue with
my portrait
i put religion
in a box over
next to the,
it looks
go on
have my soul
for afters
photocopy it
leave it
out in the
i put this here
so that it isn't
waiting when
i look at you
pops out
you know

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

we now know
how it is,

thank you.

Friday, 16 July 2010



we live in graves,

: (

: )

i.e. we do not die


: )

Friday, 9 July 2010


حرية حرية

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

three lessons on the entry of light into a human eyeball, with misleading reference to the evolution of the eyeball

it is not just biology
that loses focus when
too close, or very close
when close it is hard to
make out an outline
or see where the right
parts should go or
what is missing, a diagram
that is related:

so it hits exactly the right
point, but when it goes
a little farther
then who knows,
really.  i like the
fact that you are just
beyond my peripherary
there is no need to
check if you are there
as i couldn't see anyway
i just think that you are
and that seems to work


similar to how the right to protest is a system enha
ncing authorised safety valve the right to doubt gi
ves ELASTIC qualities that ultimately IMPROVE
or strengthen allowing a range of responses that st
ill result in YES. i am not talking about human inter
action.  i AM not defending myself.  i REJECT cap
italisation of the 'i'.  oppression of.  love for a syst
em betrayed. for a status which is the best.  fumes
and fine particles/bomb disposal.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

severed retreat
heal dress st-
stupor wake
hold tight
'til bones
crack flee
her voice

undo his

cure keep
down solid

shown and
fast held
laundry, towels
one pile,
sheets sink
back and

not say

hospital bed,
it's a modern day skull (IF)

banal and

Thursday, 6 May 2010

i'm portugal you're china he's india he doesn't get to be india he's burma he's myanmar he doesn't know where myanmar is you look like a burmese national you look like a burmese citizen you pay taxes to the burmese leadership a military junta he doesn't know what a junta is why am i china you look like a chinese boy she likes to pretend she is a big man i am a you are a small boy i can carry twenty kilograms of flour from the car to the house go on then go on then alright

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

// chose the image of a Black Square  He wrote, , that when painting it he felt ‘black nights, and ‘a  timidity bordering’, but when he neared completion he experienced a ‘blissful  where nothing , and feeling became the substance of my life.’//

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Saturday, 5 December 2009

polygon. an understated,


make poor attempts it to flow.

no sweet trick,

or an another place

Urgent, an urgent,


The stopped dead cold of a lack

fat satisfaction -

I keep,

blank dream.


If you get too happy you’ll forget how to speak permaculture, a course on permaculture a Welcome Break, an accurate description. Something other than being still. It’s like july 1995, you know, all over again.

anecdote: the mosquitoes would get so full of[f] my blood they would struggle to carry the weight of their red bellies and i would slam them against the wall with a copy of a portrait of the artist as a young man, one of his less challenging works now stained.

An argument about who is the most offended:: a deep layer and then a high clean one

Urgent, an urgent,

The stopped dead cold of a lack

Loss of the need to do, a fat satisfaction

Director: Matthew Stone

These New Puritans - Attack Music

Via Pitchfork

Monday, 4 January 2010

10th jan:

Can you draw a diagram of a heart with your eyes closed?


Would it be accurate?


Could you label it?

With my eyes closed?




No I'd have to open my eyes to check.  And then I could do it without looking.

Bicuspid, Tricuspid.

Lunar, ventricular, yes.

Ventricular aortic.

And so on.


>Before you know it<

A short performance (1 hour duration) by Irum Fazal & Jeremy Hardingham.
Before you know itJudith E. Wilson Studio,>>Basement,>>Faulty of English, >>9 West Road,>>Cambridge.>>>>8pm ~ Tuesday 8 December 2009>>free bar >>>>>Before you know it<>>>>A short performance (1 hour duration) its only texts fragments from Simone Weil's 'Gravity and >> Grace' (excerpted from an English translation by Emma Crawford & Mario >> von der Ruhr), the performance takes place largely silently, with a few >> incursions of recorded music, and noise of the performers. Working >> seperately, solitary, each performer is engaged in creative acts of >> forgetting, or of summoning memories to be expressed, yet without the >> traditional means with which to describe >>activities are interrupted 3 times by the performers sharing the >>stage (a simple wooden platform) in the centre of the room. Here they may >>speak, or remain speechless, or sing.>>>> performance arises out of a resistance to performance, a feeling > that it is not worth it; that political or spiritual action has no place > upon the stage. It also comes from an attitude to performance which is > less to do with 'acting' than with an awareness of existence, a sharing > of intimate thinking and actions, things living and dead which cannot but be made before an audience. > an audience.>>We invite conversation after the performance, to have a glass of something >and to continue any dialogue which this little event may enrol.

1) Foxes have three legs

2) Foxes eat courgettes

3) Live in the bushes in front of the bungalow

4) They are sandy coloured

5) They walk along pavements

6) And stand to one side,

7) Wait in a driveway to let you pass.

___ - --- - - - - -- - - --

A tsunami is what happens when a wall,
An immense body crashes in japan.
I wrap this in a foreign language that i learnt from an
>English<>dictionary< so I can give it you without you

Thursday, 19 November 2009

 stayed, had peacocks in the yard but I never saw them only heard them at odd times, and everyone else thought peacocks were so commonplace they weren't worth seeking out.