Monday, 4 January 2010

10th jan:

Can you draw a diagram of a heart with your eyes closed?


Would it be accurate?


Could you label it?

With my eyes closed?




No I'd have to open my eyes to check.  And then I could do it without looking.

Bicuspid, Tricuspid.

Lunar, ventricular, yes.

Ventricular aortic.

And so on.


>Before you know it<

A short performance (1 hour duration) by Irum Fazal & Jeremy Hardingham.
Before you know itJudith E. Wilson Studio,>>Basement,>>Faulty of English, >>9 West Road,>>Cambridge.>>>>8pm ~ Tuesday 8 December 2009>>free bar >>>>>Before you know it<>>>>A short performance (1 hour duration) its only texts fragments from Simone Weil's 'Gravity and >> Grace' (excerpted from an English translation by Emma Crawford & Mario >> von der Ruhr), the performance takes place largely silently, with a few >> incursions of recorded music, and noise of the performers. Working >> seperately, solitary, each performer is engaged in creative acts of >> forgetting, or of summoning memories to be expressed, yet without the >> traditional means with which to describe >>activities are interrupted 3 times by the performers sharing the >>stage (a simple wooden platform) in the centre of the room. Here they may >>speak, or remain speechless, or sing.>>>> performance arises out of a resistance to performance, a feeling > that it is not worth it; that political or spiritual action has no place > upon the stage. It also comes from an attitude to performance which is > less to do with 'acting' than with an awareness of existence, a sharing > of intimate thinking and actions, things living and dead which cannot but be made before an audience. > an audience.>>We invite conversation after the performance, to have a glass of something >and to continue any dialogue which this little event may enrol.

1) Foxes have three legs

2) Foxes eat courgettes

3) Live in the bushes in front of the bungalow

4) They are sandy coloured

5) They walk along pavements

6) And stand to one side,

7) Wait in a driveway to let you pass.

___ - --- - - - - -- - - --

A tsunami is what happens when a wall,
An immense body crashes in japan.
I wrap this in a foreign language that i learnt from an
>English<>dictionary< so I can give it you without you

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